2018 Voter Motivation Survey
Christian Seniors Association Member Assessment

If you’ve heard it once, you’ve heard it a hundred times: Everybody knows the party controlling the White House loses seats in Congress in a Midterm Election because some voters lack the motivation to turn out and vote. But that’s not set in stone. And there’s no reason it has to be true this Election Day, November 6th.

Because Christian seniors represent one of the nation’s largest and most influential voter blocs, we expect Members of Congress, President Trump, other politicians and the media to pay attention to results of this 2018 Voter Motivation Survey examining Christian seniors’ attitudes toward the important issues, where potential regional weaknesses in Christian senior voter turnout exist and how to motivate larger turnout by Christian senior voters in November. xxxTitleLastNamexxx, please be a part of this debate by answering each question below and returning your completed Survey to CSA within three days.

Part 1: Your Views on the Issues that Motivate Christian Senior Voters

Instructions: For each of the following ten issues, indicate how each affects your motivation to turn out and vote in November. Please mark only one of three answer choices:​

Part 2: Potential Regional Weaknesses in Christian Senior Voter Turnout

Part 3: Survey Registration

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2018 Voter Motivation Survey