2018 Annual State of the Nation Survey
of 1,000,000 Christian Senior Americans

Why Your Participation in this Survey is Important

At the end of January, President Trump will deliver his first STATE OF THE NATION ADDRESS. It will be a defense of his first year in office.

Christian Seniors Association will use this survey to give America's political leaders and the media a sample of mainstream seniors' opinion on President Trump's performance in office so far and on the expectations of senior voters entering the crucial 2018 midterm election year.

We will share the results of this poll with President Trump, his senior advisors, members of Congress and the news media.

You can be sure an enormous survey like this will receive the focused attention of America's political leaders and the media.

In addition, we will use this survey to find out what Christian seniors are registered to vote and who are not. This is important because voter participation by conservative Christians in 2018 is vital to holding off a Left-wing takeover of Congress and the impeachment of President Trump that would surely follow.

This survey is a key part of the 2018 Election Year Battle Plan CSA has proposed to make sure millions of Christian seniors who failed to vote in 2016 will vote in 2018 . . .

. . . and to mobilize those who did vote to bring at least three like-minded friends with them to vote on Election Day.

The only way CSA can fund this Battle Plan for the all-important 2018 Elections is if every CSA member contributes what he or she can. So please be sure to complete the New Member Donation Section once you have completed the upcoming Survey questions. Thank you.


Jim Lafferty


Part A - Referendum on the Trump Presidency


QUESTION #13: What do you think are the three most important issues facing America?

(INSTRUCTIONS: Rank using 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6. If you think two or more issues rank about the same in importance, you can use the same number to rank them, i.e. 1, 1)
Defense/National Security/Keeping America militarily strong
Moral Issues/Coarsening of the Culture (issues like gay marriage, undermining of traditional moral values, over-sexualization of the culture, etc.)
Stopping Government's Attack on Christianity and Religious Faith
Right to Life/Protecting Unborn Children
All of these issues are about equally important to restoring America's greatness.

Part B: Your View of AARP

Part C: The 2018 Elections